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"HOT FAM SUMMER" :30  TV     

We serendipitously landed on this recurring cultural phenomenon of ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and the rising trend of ‘Hot Girl Walks’—the amount of hours I spend on TikTok for “research purposes” is completely irrelevant. Is Old Navy cool—in this case—‘hot’ enough to hop on the trend? The answer is: who cares, everyone deserves to have a Hot Girl Summer as Megan THEE Stallion would say so herself. The combination of the talk around Hot Girl Summer and its feminist, inclusive, body positive message makes it the perfect cultural tie to active wear anywhere. Except, we’re taking the inclusivity even further and making it a Hot ‘FAM’ Summer—featuring all types of families in their activewear, everywhere.

GCD: Anne Marie Hite

AD: Sally Lee

CW: Becky Brinkerhoff

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