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"FREEDOM" OLD NAVY x H.E.R. :30  TV     

Launched around Memorial Day, the nationwide campaign features Grammy and Oscar-winning artist, H.E.R. covering George Michael’s hit single “Freedom 90',” shifting the classic bop into a soulful rock and roll anthem. In fact, it’s the first time George Michael’s estate has ever granted permission for the classic tune to get remixed. We took an iconic and nostalgic hit and gave it a modern twist, and we call it the anthem of the SummH.E.R.—shameless pun fully intended.

Rocking her signature red sunglasses, H.E.R. jams out on her electric guitar in the streets of New York for the 30-second spot that was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. Old Navy’s iconic flag tees, which have been a tradition for many American families for decades, are on full display. It’s important to know that Old Navy’s Fourth of July sale is basically the brand’s Super Bowl—so we had to bring a banger.

GCD: Anne Marie Hite

AD: Sally Lee

CW: Becky Brinkerhoff


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